The Different Types of Neck Lanyards

Neck Lanyards have been widely used in this generation. They came in place of ID badge clippers and keys holder. They not only provide convenience in holding and securing badges and personal things such as pens, keys, mini purse, cell phones, cell phone cases, and flash drive; they also provide an additional style on one’s attire.

Neck Lanyards

You can use Neck Lanyards to accessorize your outfit. There are so many designs you can choose from to match with your clothes.

Aside from designs, they also vary in colors, lengths, widths, materials, and clip attachments. There are even some lanyards that have beads and Rhinestones.

Customized Neck Lanyards are the most popular. Schools, companies, and other organizations that are requiring identification card to their members purchase customized lanyards in bulk with the logo of their organization.

Here are some of the common types of lanyards together with their characteristics:

Polyester Lanyards

These are made from good quality polyester. Flat Polyester lanyards are the best choice if you opt for low cost yet good quality type of lanyards. They are also comfortable to wear. If the lanyard is to be printed with text or logo, rest assured that the images are clear.

Commonly, lanyard makers silk screen print the customer’s desired design on these Polyester lanyards. Silk screen printing enables clear results.

Imprinted Nylon Lanyards

Nylon lanyards are very smooth and glossy. The designs are also silk screen printed in this type. If your designs or logos are intricate and complicated, choose imprinted Nylon lanyards over any other type for best results.

Nylon lanyards are thicker than Polyester lanyards. Its glossiness makes its imprinted design or logo stand out. This type is guaranteed to be of best quality and of high aesthetic value.

It is more expensive than the Polyester lanyards, but it is definitely more durable. Nylon lanyards are for long-term use. Actually, these are the type of lanyards that referees and lifeguards use to hold their whistles. They are also best for students who wear lanyards every day for a whole term or a whole school year.

Woven Lanyards

Do you want an elegant finished lanyard? If yes, consider purchasing Woven lanyards. These lanyards are made of strong polyester. They are soft and durable. Any attachments can be used in Woven lanyards.

The only constraint with this type of lanyards is the limited choice in logo or design. Unlike the first two types, Woven lanyards do not undergo printing processes but rather, a sewing process. The designs are being embroidered in the lanyards so intricate ones are not advisable for this type.

If you pursue complicated designs, you might get disappointed at the result as it is not very legible. If your design solely composed of simple letters, then you can opt for Woven lanyards.

Tube or Tubular Lanyards

Looking for the most economical Neck Lanyards? The imprinted tubular lanyards are perfect for you. Your logos and designs will look clear and crisp with this type.

Tubular lanyards are made from stitched polyester materials. Makers form the material into tube and they curve its end.

Tube Lanyards are very soft and comfortable to wear. The printing process of the designs, logo, and text in a Tube lanyard is similar to that of imprinted Polyester lanyards.

Dye Sublimated Lanyards

If you need a long-lasting Neck Lanyards that do not fade or wear off, opt for these Dye Sublimated Lanyards. These are made of best quality polyester materials.

If you wish to see the design of your lanyard back and forth, select this type. Through Dye Sublimation, the designs go through the lanyards with the help of heat and pressure.

There are so many different types of  lanyards like custom lanyards, logo lanyards, wholesalelanyards, ID lanyards etc.