Printed Circuit Boards And Its Contribution To Technology And Society

The printed circuit board is the backbone of all electronic devices. The combination of an insulator board, patterned copper strips, and the plated through-holes produces something crucial to all electronic devices and equipment used in everyday life. One could not even begin to imagine what it would be like to not have them around. Simply put, they endlessly change every aspect of modern life.

In communication, printed circuit boards have enabled inventors and scientist alike to develop telephones, wireless phones, and now, cellular phones. Space satellites substantiated with extremely complex printed circuit boards process the countless signal messages received and sent. These satellites also manipulate the signals used to access the worldwide web.

PCB ManufacturingIn transportation, the ingenuity of the printed circuit board has taken humanity to the depths of the ocean, mapping and studying it through advanced gadgets like sonar mapping devices and modern ship navigation systems. Through the skies, the potential of PCBs have taken people to the moon and back, and now the entire human species aims to reach another planet – not to mention how many people are actually airborne the moment you’re reading this. On land, experts have designed impeccable vehicles that kept a style and character synonymous with innovation and marketability.

In medicine, NANO-robots have been made to simultaneously cure diseases that were once thought incurable. People have built machines to look inside the human body without even opening it. Nowadays, there are even brain-controlled robotic parts used to replace lost human limbs. Due to devices that contain PCBs, it’s now possible to splice a cell and cultivate an organ.

In arts, hasn’t technology brought entertainment to its glory days?

Individuals create art that has never been as perfect before. People create music from high-tech instruments and make the whole world listen to it through televisions and even by your neighbor’s sound systems.

In astronomy. scientists have already photographed the solar system, our galaxy, our nebula, and humanity has even sized the depths of the universe. Technology made it possible for individuals to travel millions of light-years away to experience the world beyond Earth’s breathable atmosphere.

In culture and religion, people have began to embrace perspectives they previously did not know. Although humans are still far from eliminating the boundaries that separates races, the change brought forth by technology (particularly those that provide information) gave them a good start.

Of course, these are all miracles credited to technology, science and engineering. But then again will modern technology be as it is without the unparalleled capacity of the printed circuit board?

In everyday life, when you go to the grocery for example, you notice surveillance cameras that provide a sense of security. Dissect those little eyes and what do you get? Now go to the cashier and pay for your goods and notice — who monitors your bill? A related duty is tasked to every Automated Teller Machine out there.

The point is, it does not take an electronics engineer to appreciate how beautiful and promising technology is. Although it cannot be denied that there the threats associated with it, the benefits still outnumber the detriments. Wherever you go, whatever you bring, whoever you are with,

you are together with the rest of humanity due to technology. And, at its core is an invention that had its humble beginnings from an idea. PCBs have been playing a vital role for the progress of the entire human race. These constantly evolved in form, furthering the reach of technological capacity. Truth be told, the printed circuit board has worked many miracles before society even began believing in its worth.

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