Interesting Breakthroughs in Silicon Bracelets

In 2004, silicon bracelets were introduced and used widely as a marketing tool for companies and organizations. They were produced in big quantities with varying colors, designs, and messages. Messages were either embossed or printed. You can find them almost everywhere. Everyone seemed to have joined the bandwagon. In those days, silicon bracelets just “ruled” – you just had to wear them to be cool. You get to pick a certain cause and proudly wear the wristbands to show your support for the cause. Among the common causes for which these wristbands were made include cancer awareness and prevention, obesity, and drug or substance addiction.

Silicon BraceletThe use of wristbands and bracelets as expressions of support has persisted through the years. Silicon braceletsare still popular today in various industries and for various purposes. These rubbery bracelets appear to have such a long stretch.

Rubber Bracelets as Chemical Monitoring Devices

One breakthrough in the use of these bracelets is as pollution detectors. With the aid of modern science and technology, these bracelets are now able to detect chemicals and common compounds that the wearer has been exposed to. It’s not actually the bracelet itself that detects the level of pollution. There are chemical monitoring devices attached to these bracelets. The use of these bracelets has been researched and studied.

In an Oregon study, participants were asked to wear the bracelets for 30 days. Afterwards, the bracelets were tested. The lab results showed that almost a thousand chemical compounds were absorbed by the bracelets. Chemicals such as air pollutants, dog flea medication, perfumes and fragrances were found on the bracelets, along with common compound as nicotine and caffeine.

Another experiment was done among a group of roofers and yielded similar results. The conclusion is that if these substances were absorbed by the bracelets, then the human body might also have absorbed the same chemicals and substances.

Further Breakthroughs

Technology is evolving and it would not be a surprise to find other new discoveries for the use of silicon bracelets. These bracelets have already been manufactured with bar and QR codes. These codes can contain information about the wearer. These codes can also be scanned and read by the latest smartphones or computers. Bracelets with these codes can serve as identification “cards.”

Silicon bracelets can also be useful in emergency situations with their GPS technology. Those that are equipped with a GPS device can prove to be helpful when it comes to locating missing persons during natural disasters and calamities. Even those who travel a lot can make use of these bracelets for tracking purposes. Mountain climbers, runners, and hikers can use these bracelets as safety devices in case they get lost. The same technology is used for monitoring the whereabouts of paroled prisoners.

More Uses for Rubber Bracelets

Further studies are being done on how rubber bracelets can be used. The possibilities are endless because of the simplicity and the durability of these rubber bracelets. These are also more affordable and easier to procure. A lot of manufacturers already have the materials and equipment necessary to make these bracelets. It’s just a matter of incorporating new technology into the bracelets. More often than not, keeping the cost of these new technology is also carefully considered by innovators so that the cost to the end users will not be prohibitive. It’s all about balancing technology with functionality and cost.

Consumers can look forward to more innovations in the coming years. These bracelets are here to stay and will continue to stretch their usefulness to extend beyond just being symbols of support, affiliation, or advocacy. You will surely find ways to use these bracelets whether for personal or business purposes.

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