Golf Shoes for Success

Golf is considered to be a rich man’s sport due to the fact that most of the items and tools needed to play it are perceived to be pricey. Dressing for success is the reason why most amateur golfers buy good-quality, popular offerings. However, what most new golfers do not know is that good-quality brands are cheaper in the long run when compared to buying moderate-quality equipment. Golf equipment that have are made with quality materials means that these could be used longer and are not easily broken. This is the case for golf clubs, golf bags, and even the gloves. What most amateur golfers do not consider as a crucial purchase are golf shoes.

The effectiveness of the golfer’s performance is based not only on the swing but also on the stability of the swing position. This is because there are some cases in which golfers accidentally slip when doing the swinging motion. This is most commonly seen when the golfer uses uncleated shoes on moist grass, even in the dry season. The reason for this is that most golf clubs regularly sprinkle their golf courses with water so that the grass remains green.

Shoes with Cleats

Golf ShoeDue to the popularity of golf, most professionals and amateurs are becoming more conscious of their appearance. This increased the demand for more stylish shoes resulted in numerous modifications, which many professional golfers consider as superfluous. This is seen in the popularity of uncleated shoes for on- and off-course use, but they do not replace the practicality and functionality of golf shoes with cleats. Traditional shoes with spikes are considered to be obsolete since these normally have to be switched with another pair when walking on sidewalks or pathways. This is considered to be disadvantageous since the golfer has to constantly change shoes when walking on grass or on cemented pathways.

This is the reason why shoe manufacturers have started using traction lugs, molded cleats, or nubs, instead of metal or plastic spikes on their golf shoes. These spike modifications enhance foot traction not only on moist grass but also on the steep slopes of the golf course. The reasoning behind this modification is that the addition of cleats made the golfer’s standing position more stable.

Advantages of a Better Traction

Golfers who use spike-less shoes during the dry season do not consider the fact that they may need traction when walking on the various slopes of the golf course. The reasoning behind this is that some of these professional golfers may have practiced on the golf course numerous times that they have already memorized almost all of the difficult slopes.

“Familiarity breeds contempt” is the most common reason why most professional golfers regularly rotate practicing on different golf courses within and outside of the country. Another benefit of using different golf courses is that professional golfers do not overlook crucial slope or wind changes that can result in poor performance. Some professional golfers practice on the same course with different golf shoes to determine which is the better brand or which has the right cleat style.

Shoe Testing

A professional golfer revealed that during a tournament, a single pair of shoes was used on the first two days while another pair was used for the third day. The third day resulted in poorer golf performance when compared to the first two days. Therefore, the type and comfort of the shoes is a significant and crucial factor in improving golf performance.  This is the reason why some professional golfers make use of a specific pair of golf shoes for a specific golf course.